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Operating Voltage: 12V-24V DC
Leds: 15 X 3W 4D high intensity LED
Power: 45W
Temperature: 6500k
Lumen: 4950LM
Material: Aluminum+PC
Length: 170x120x74mm
Certification: CE/IP:67
Color: White
Leds: Cree
Shipping: Free Shipping
Payment: Paypal or Bank transfer
Optional Beam: Spot
Life Time: 50000h
Apply to different types of trucks, off-road vehicles, 4x4, military, mining, boating, Marine deck lighting, Caravan awning lighting), farming, heavy equipment etc

1. This oval LED work lamp which has a HID style white light.

2. Ideal for reversing lights, daytime running lights, on and off road work lamps.

3. Mounts using a sturdy steel powder coated bracket, with adjustable tilt.

4. EMC / Radio interference

5. Waterproof, dust-proof, shockproof, anti-explosion

6. Suitable design for heating elimination


"P-protection classes and protection types LED work lights and other electrical appliances have shells that protect internal technical components against contact, moisture and other environmental effects, which is greatly important according to the application of the headlights. What will the work light bring to a tractor if it can not survive in the rain? Here is an overview of different IP protection classes and their meanings. Protection classes are specified according to DIN 40050 and always start with IP. IP is then followed by 2 numbers, whose meanings can be found in the following table.

Protection against foreign bodies
0 no protection
1 Protection against the ingress of solid bodies (diameter>50mm)
2 Protection against the ingress of solid bodies (diameter>12.5mm)
3 Protection against the ingress of solid bodies (diameter>2.5mm)
4 Protection against the ingress of solid bodies (diameter>1mm)
5 Protection against dust
6 Protection against dust

Protection against water
0 no protection
1 Protection against dripping water
2 Protection against dripping water with 15 ° inclination
3 Protection against water spray at an angle of up to 60 °
4 Protection against splash water
4K protection against splashing water with increased pressure
5 Protection against jet water
6 Protection against strong jet water
6K protection against strong jet water under increased pressure
7 Protection against temporary submersion
8 Protection against continuous submersion
9K protection against water during high pressure / steam jet cleaning
The LED work light with the protection class IP67 is thus dustproof and protected against temporary submersion in the water. IP68 protection is also achievable to the headlight now!"

"What is CREE LED?
Who once paying attention to LED work lights inevitably know the term CREE LED. CREE is the company producing Led chips and famous worldwide for many years in this industry. Compared with other LED chips, CREE LED chips are with particularly lower power consumption and significantly longer life. Of course, CREE LED chips are also with very high luminosity and pleasant light.

With these advantages, CREE North Carolina (USA) becomes one of the leading LED manufacturers in the world. Today, CREE LEDs appear again in many headlights and flashlights produced by well-known manufacturers. CREE LED has the lifetime more than 50,000 operating hours! Even after so many hours of operation, the LED still has 70% of the original output!
After we help you test CREE LED worklights ourselves and confirm those advantages, we decided to sell these products in our shop! The only disadvantage: The purchase price of CREE LED headlights is a little higher. But lights are still worth to buy with those advantages!

"Color temperature in comparison
The color temperature is measured by Kelvin (K) and indicates the color impression of a light source. The candlelight is in the range of 1,500 Kelvin. The classic bulb with 60 watts has a color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin. Halogen is in the range from 3,000 to 3,200 Kelvin and xenon from 4,500 to 5,000 Kelvin. Depending on whether the sun is shining or whether the sky is overcast, the daylight is between 5,500 and 7,500 Kelvin, which is the most natural light and keeps the human eye awake.

Sketch color temperature
The sketch shows the different color temperatures in comparison.

color temperature
Our LED worklights have a color temperature of 6,000 to 6,500 Kelvin, which is within the range of daylight. Various tests have shown that this area is particularly suitable for lighting, as the visibility is optimal and the driver will not get tired so quickly even on long journeys."

"Beam angle of LED headlights
The beam angle of an LED headlight or spotlight indicates the angle at which the light is emitted to the front. The larger the angle, the larger the illuminated area. And more luminosity is also distributed. In the usage of work lights, it is proven that 60 degrees beam angle is the best compromise between illumination and distribution of luminosity. In exceptional cases, however, LED worklights with 30 degrees beam angle make sense. Here the light cone is more bundled and thus stronger.

Sketch 60 ° beam angle
The sketch illustrates the illuminated area with 60 degrees beam angle.

60 degrees beam angle

Sketch 30 ° beam angle
The sketch illustrates the illuminated area with 30 degrees beam angle.

30 degrees beam angle"
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